Dear Music Makers,

My goal as an audio developer is to make most perfect products for the industry that my team and I are capable of creating.

But perfection is not a result, it is a journey.

And I'm very proud to announce that my journey with VSX has just led me to VSX 3.0.

Every room and speaker in VSX 3.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up using ALL NEW binaural psychoacoustic processing techniques that I've developed over the past year.

In this update (which is FREE for all VSX 2.0 Users!) you'll notice improved depth, realism, transient clarity, and stereo imaging that make it even more effortless to get perfect mixes. It's like your head is perfectly locked in the exact center of two perfectly tuned speakers in a great room.

If you haven't had that "Oh crap are my monitors on?" feeling with VSX, you will very likely have that with 3.0.

We also tightened up the headphone hardware calibrations with clinical precision to ensure EVERY headphone production run sounds EXACTLY the same.

Also new in VSX 3.0 is Zuma Studio, modeled from a private studio here in SoCal featuring precise recreations of $50,000 worth of speakers.

We're also really proud to debut VSX Essentials.

Essentials is the same VSX hardware, but with a core collection of studios spaces and headphones.

It includes VSX 3.0 enhanced versions of Steven Private Mix Room, Sonoma Studios, SUV soundsystem, LA Club, SS-770 headphone model, SS-Pods headphone model.

Essentials is only $299, but you can split the payment up (no credit checks, everyone approved) with KLARNA with 4x payments of $75.

Then, you can visit the VSX Marketplace and buy more studios, spaces, and rooms for as little as $20.

To PURCHASE VSX Platinum (everything) or VSX Essentials (core collection) please visit: