We are glad to introduce you to our latest update: Realphones 1.8.

This is all you need for mixing with headphones!

dSONIQ Realphones is VST/AU/AAX and standalone System-Wide application which combines headphone fequency response correction and various listening spaces simulation into one complete solution.

Realphones 1.8 is a huge improvement in terms of overall sound quality. We have improved headphone profiles, our psychoacoustic target curves and room emulation. The sound has become punchier, clearer, more detailed and now it is much closer to our studio reference than before.

We have also added new emulations. Surely you have encountered the situation when a mix sounds great in the studio but not when played on other speakers.
That’s why Realphones 1.8 got two new room emulations - “Car” and “Club”.
Now you can check how your track could sound on the dance floor or in the car cabin without removing the headphones!

Realphones 1.8 also has emulations of mixing cubes, consumer headphones and audio systems, hi-end systems with subwoofer, and much more mix-checking modes.

Throughout this year, we have significantly improved our headphone measurement technology. Standard correction profiles have become more accurate, which will positively affect the translation of your mixes.
At the moment, Realphones supports about 200 models of headphones, and we are constantly working on expanding this list:


The limiter has also been updated. Now it is more efficient and adds no latency.

As of today, Realphones is natively M1 compatible. Both plugin and System-Wide App are optimized for Apple Silicon.

Full list of changes:
• Huge improvement in the overall sound quality
• Two new room emulations: Club, Car
• Standard correction profiles for the most popular headphones updated
• Room emulation technology updated
• Audio engine update: “Presenсe” and “HRTF” modules are updated
• New limiter
• Latency reduced
• Bug fixes: cracking noise and resampling problems with Realphones System-Wide Windows app are solved
• Full native Apple Silicon support
• Stability improvements
• Other minor tweaks

The updated User Guide:

The upgrade is free for all Realphones users! We have reset all the trials If you took the trial period for Realphones 1.7 and earlier, you can now take it again.

Download the new version here: https://dsoniq.com/download

41-days free trial period: https://www.dsoniq.com/trial

In honor of the release of the new version, we are announcing a 45% discount on Realphones 1.8.
The promotion will be valid until August 31, 2022