Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well. We got a new surprise for you!

Excited to introduce you to the new member of the family, the T-Exciter! It’s a unique sounding and effective exciter plug-in, that helps you add instant life to any sounds you use it on.

Techivation T-Exciter adds more richness and presence to the high frequencies, helping to make your mixes sound more alive and energic, easily and quickly. It is also an excellent tool for adding unique character to sounds and giving your music a more distinct personality.

Here's what T-Exciter can help you with
  • Add instant richness and crispness to your mix
  • Spice up your vocals with more energy 
  • Quickly bring any sounds to the front of the mix
  • Create a distinct character for your vocals
  • Add more excitement and energy to your guitar tracks
  • Make your mixes outstanding by making details sound more audible
  • Glue your instruments together nicely 
  • Turn a lifeless track into a musical living sound

Intro video:


We’re offering T-Exciter at an introductory price of just $29 now! (reg $39)
Loyalty discounts are also available!
  • Those who own T-De-Esser Pro or T-Compressor, or T-Clarity can have T-Exciter for just $19.00.
  • Those who own all T-De-Esser Pro, T-Compressor, and T-Clarity can have T-Exciter for just $9.00.
  • Those who complete their T-De-Esser Pro, T-Compressor, and T-Clarity collection will also get this plug-in for just $9.00.

As you log in to your Techivation account during the checkout, the price may get reduced for you if you have the conditions mentioned above.

A free trial is not yet available for the T-Exciter, as we decided to release the full version while we’re working on preparing the free trial. 

Get T-Exciter from our website: techivation.com/t-exciter
We would love to hear your feedback!

Amin - Founder