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We have surprising news! We just released a new plug-in called the “T-Clarity”. It is a powerful digital unit for enhancing and cleaning mid, upper and lower mid-range frequencies.

T-Clarity has a similar visual design as the T-De-Esser, to provide a better user experience. It uses more complex processing than the T-De-Esser, designed to make your mid-range sound great with just a few clicks of a mouse. 
T-Clarity is an essential audio repair tool that saves you time and effort while boosting your creativity and sound quality.

Main Usage

You can use T-Clarity to:
  • Make your bass sound more solid and consistent
  • Clean your reverb and FX tracks and avoid cluttering your mix
  • Remove boxiness or muddiness from sound sources that were closely mic’d
  • Manage muddy and boxy sounds in vocals and dialog in a transparent manner
  • Treat irregular tonal balance caused by the poor recording quality
  • Reduce the glare from unnecessarily boomy guitar and piano recordings.
  • Tame muddy synth sounds
  • Control the mid, lower, and upper mid-frequencies in overheads’ transients, such as kick drums, snare, claps, and toms.
  • Give more dynamic range to your tracks for mastering due to the reduction of unnecessary mid, upper or lower mid-frequencies.

We’re offering T-Clarity at an introductory price of just $19 (reg $29).
  • Those who own T-De-Esser Pro or T-Compressor can have it for just $9.00.
  • Anyone purchasing our dynamics bundle (T-De-Esser Pro & T-Compressor) will get this plug-in for free!
  • Those who complete their T-De-Esser Pro & T-Compressor collections will get this plug-in for free.
  • Those who have both T-De-Esser Pro and T-Compressor can log in to their Techivation account on techivation.com to get their T-Clarity for free.
- The intro Sale ends on May 30th.

Free Trial
A free trial is not yet available for the T-Clarity. But we provide a 14-day money-back guarantee in case anyone doesn't get satisfied with our products after using them.

Get T-Clarity from our website: techivation.com/t-clarity 
Like, always, we’d love to hear from you. Share your feedback with us.


 Amin - Founder & CEO