A year ago, I put together a collection of the plugins most likely to be useful for people starting out. Now it's 2022, and half the plugins in that collection have had new versions, and I've ported everything to Raspberry Pi, and I've ported everything to signed Mac AU and VST for the Apple Silicon Processors, NONE of which was the case at this time in 2021.

So it was time to update Starter Kit, and that I have done. You'll find the following plugins: Baxandall, Capacitor2, Channel9, ClipOnly2, Console7Buss, Console7Cascade, Console7Channel, DeBess, Focus, Galactic, Hypersonic, Interstage, Monitoring, Pressure5, PurestGain, Srsly2, and Verbity.

All these of course are in the big plugin collections, but when I put out Texturize new people showed up who didn't know Airwindows and asked 'oh hey, nice, does he have anything else I should know about?'


So, Airwindows Starter Kit 2022 is the answer to that question. There's a readme file in the zip that outlines what's there, and I've made an hourlong video in Reaper (the DAW that's on ALL the platforms I port to) which 'does a mix using the plugins' which really means, demonstrates every one and where it should go, without following up and doing an actual MIX mix because I just plain ran out of time, it would have been several hours if I'd done that. Still, it tells you what goes where (and is also a first tentative step into something I've been planning, putting stuff together in Final Cut and not just doing it all live in OBS)

So if you're new, I know the full nearly-300 deep pile of plugins is too much. I'll keep Starter Kit up to date, and this is 'the core' as it currently stands. I realized when I looked back at it, that if I updated it and added Srsly2 (possibly Chamber in the place of Verbity, you can try that as well) I would have what I personally used for mixing. And that seemed a good enough reason to revisit the Starter Kit. Ya gotta start somewhere!

download for just the basics
download 64 Bit Windows
download Signed M1/Intel Mac AUs.dmg
download Signed M1/Intel Mac VSTs.dmg
download for the Pi
download Retro 32 Bit Windows
download Retro PPC/32/64 Mac
download Retro PPC/32/64 Mac
Mediafire Backup of all downloads
All this is free and open source under the MIT license, brought to you by my Patreon.