True to sound.
The WA-8000 rises to the occasion and delivers all that top end, beat by beat, at a price that will leave you hypnotized.

Our newest addition to the Warm product family is a nod to a very special large diaphragm tube condenser microphone that made its way onto countless platinum recordings. The sound of this mic has delivered hits for artists ranging from Dr. Dre, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight to Eminem, Rihanna, Drake and more.

The WA-8000 is easily recognizable by its open top end, crystal clear midrange, and an uncanny ability to capture every detail of acoustic sources. While most commonly known for modern R&B, Rap, and Hip-hop, the WA-8000 gives you that unmistakable "airy" and polished sound associated with some of the most hi-fidelity recordings of the 90's and beyond. The WA-8000 is a true studio workhorse equipped to capture any voice or acoustic instrument with elite results.

Ready to hear the WA-8000 in action? Check out some samples below.

True to legacy.
The team at Warm Audio did not take lightly the task of bringing a microphone with this legacy to market. It was not enough to simply measure components and hit "print" - and that's why the WA-8000 has a custom K-67 inspired all-brass capsule, carefully selected transformers from Lundahl Sweden, rigorously tested NOS tubes, and the most premium 7-pin cable solution available from Gotham Switzerland.

Let's dive in and really get to know the ins-and-outs of the WA-8000.

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