OUT NOW: Save 50% on our brand new TAIPEI STUDIO TAPE RECORDER.

TAIPEI STUDIO TAPE RECORDER is the start of our journey to what could be the most true and dynamic tape-in-the-box effect for the masses.

TAIPEI is a plugin made to deliver strong analogue character, in the form of a 16 track 2” tape machine for the tracks, and a stereo track 1/4” tape machine for the master buss.
The long process of sampling, listening, testing and studying, helped the London Acoustics team to isolate all their preferred sections of each different tape machine and compose them back into a single plugin.

Check out the manual, at this link: Taipei Studio Tape Recorder – London Acoustics – Audio Plugins

What is it and what makes Taipei Studio Tape Recorder so special?

In the making of TAIPEI STUDIO TAPE RECORDER we have strongly focused on the recreation of that awesome original ‘tapey’ sound in order to get rid of the digital “coolness”. We mean those unique magnetic (non-linear) dynamics, enriched with that fluid-but-never-harsh variable saturation, with some light distortion that usually comes through from the repro head. Everything mutually dependant on the frequencies and dynamics of the source. We started sampling a single machine, but due to having a little more time on our hands than usual, we decided to go ‘beyond’, creating instead the sound we had always dreamed of; the sound that was missing from our arsenal. Of course, we highly respected the nature of the original machine, but we found that the possibility to sculpt and personalise each single characteristic of the tape sound might be a novel and welcome feature.
We also added a noise reduction stage into the mix.

What is it best used for?

The plugin is designed for everything you want to make like coming from-a-tape, for single tracks, to the master-buss, and even for mastering purpose.

Price (MSRP): €115.00 [now with the introductory price of €58 (50% off) until the 25th of September (11:59pm UTC+2]

The trial version is fully functional for a duration of four weeks.
Trial license allows the activation of two computers per license.
The trial version is available in your Aquarius account.

Taipei Studio Tape Recorder is a bundle consisting of:
• TAIPEI – The full version
• TAIPEI LITE – A cutting down version that uses around the 50% of the full version CPU resources

Taipei Studio Tape Recorder features:
• 30, 15, 7½ IPS speeds.
• Tape saturation and distortion: 2 different brands by the choice of 2 kinds of tape formulas.
• Low and High response fine-tuning controls.
• BIAS calibration control.
• Unique saturation-character and bass-quality calibration controls.
• IN/OUT peak VU meter leds and +6/-30dB level VU meters.

Available in VST2/3, AU, AAX – 64 bit formats.
Available native working-frequencies: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz

A little bit about London Acoustics:
We are a group of very passionate producers and musicians who met in London with a passion for recording gear and years of experience working in the pro-audio industry. Our mission is to offer cool new sound palettes for Acustica Audio Nebula users and, of course, for ourselves!

London Acoustics Plugin Installation tutorial: How to install N4 and libraries through Aquarius

We hope you like our vision for this pretty unique plugin.
Don't miss it.

[EDIT] Here some important info for the newcomers that do not want, or have time, to read the whole thread until the end.

- The N4 full compatibility issue at the launch, reported in the first posts in this thread, was fixed in few hours. No "N4 Player" workarounds are required, just install new from scratch TAIPEI trial or full and use it.

- here some usage tips: Taipei Studio Tape Recorder from London Acoustics - Official Acqua N4 plugin

- For some latest OSX + Logic Pro systems and the N4 engine there are few user-reports of random behaviour of the buttons. We are investigating on it, please stay tuned.

- If you can't find TAIPEI trial in Aquarius, please try to use the search function. In case of persistance of the issue, please, open a ticket in your AA personal account.

- For every kind of problem we are available at info (at ) londonacoustics (dot ) com

[EDIT] Update [A007 - 1 October 2021] announced: Taipei Studio Tape Recorder from London Acoustics - Official Acqua N4 plugin

And TUTORIAL video added: