We're excited to announce that the VSX 2.0 software update is now available! This FREE update gives you over $30,000 of new speakers, $5,000 of new audiophile headphones, an updated ear profile system, and tons of other improvements.

Current VSX Users, see install info in your email!

Step inside my private studio, complete with everything you’ll need to mix a hit record. This perfectly tuned medium-sized studio features a pair of modeled Barefoot MM27 midfields and PMC IBS-1S farfields that have been customized using a Trinnov system for phase accurate sound.

Both sets of speakers are extremely revealing and will make it easy to hear the most intricate EQ and compression tweaks.

Finally, the nearfield is a model of the classic mono Auratone speaker that will allow you to hear balances with ease, and help you make decisions for more consumer speakers like laptops and phones.

This medium semi-dry studio lets you get intimate with every detail of your mixes. When you want to take a magnifying glass to your midrange frequencies, use the modeled ProAc Studio 100s nearfields to clean up any midrange mud and get your vocal balance spot on.

Then use the Trinnov tuned Amphion Two18 midfield emulations which have incredible clarity, depth, and the perfect amount of transient punch to get a full mix perspective.

Mix on $5,000 worth of audiophile headphones with the modeled Audeze LCD-2 and the $4,000 LCD-4s. These headphone models give you two semi-flat headphone options that have wide soundstages and pronounced low-end.

The emulated LCD-2 has great bass and a mid-forward tone, whereas the LCD-4 emulation has a smoother midrange and sizzly top end. Now you can mix on these audiophile headphones for hours without needing to take a break using the ultra-lightweight VSX headphones.

The flattest headphone on earth now comes in two modes. The new VSX HD-Linear 2 mode has minor enhancements that give it a bit more linearity in the highs. Now when you use Level-Match Bypass, you can choose between HD-Linear modes 1 or 2 in the settings.

Other Updates:

VSX is now even more personalized. The Ear Profile System now defaults to the new “average” position of Profile 1 and 2. If you're unsure about your ear canal size or fall somewhere in between profiles 1 and 2, use the middle position

Also Improvements to: NRG Farfield, Howie Engineer Position, SA-770 (80 & 250 ohm), SA-650, SA-AT50
Right-click the Ear Profile Slider to access the new Ear Profile Frequency Selector for further personalization
New Mac VST3 option now available
Removed Depth Knob from headphone models
Various additional software improvements