Harrison's acclaimed and cost-effective Mixbus32C has been updated to version 7!

Mixbus32C v7 Key Features:
  • Dedicated Recorder window with TapeX (see below for more details!)
  • Mac and Windows installers are now Signed and Notarized: no more security prompts during installation!
  • Updated Mac builds use the latest Apple tools to support the new Waves v12 plugins (among other benefits)
  • Updated ASIO driver for Windows: improved CPU performance and better support for ASIO devices that use milliseconds to set the buffersize rather than samples


Are you ready to get the band back together?! TapeX ("Tracking And Performing EXperience") is a new page dedicated to capturing your multitrack band performances... either live or in the studio.

Some of the benefits of the new Recorder window with TapeX include:

A compact view of your track's record & monitor status, and a simplified timeline that keeps everything in view at once (click to visit our online MANUAL with a lot more details):

A dedicated meter-bridge for your soundcard inputs: you no longer have to create a Track to see which hardware input you are plugged into. Each strip has a meter, a scrolling waveform, and the ability to name your device's hardware inputs to match your studio connections: "Vocal Mic", "Guitar Mic", "Bass DI" ... these names are retained across sessions:

Mixbus32C is available directly from Harrison's web page at the regular price of $349 US

Existing Mixbus32C customers should receive an upgrade coupon today via email. The upgrade price for Mixbus32C v7 is $79 from any prior version of Mixbus32C.

Try a free demo at our Software Downloads page