Yes, an high gain guitar amplifier beside our current clean/slightly-overdriven offering.

A component-level input-to-mic model of a famous high gain guitar amplifier with lots of attitude.

We included our usual (and quite well sounding) physical model of the cabinet, integrated with the amplifier, but added a new super-powerful tool: the option to load external Impulse Responses (IRs) in the model and to seamlessly mix two of them with no phase issues, for an almost infinite list of useful sounds.
We decided to call this process of self-tuning of a model to an external target (and simpler) file as "sublymating" the model. You get the average sound of the original, static IR but gain the behaviour of a full model, with its non-linear attitude.
You can pick a model out of the included list of 27 or "sublymate" an external IR in each of the two available cabinet slots, then mix the sound. Our favourite way of doing this, here, is selecting two models with extremely different sound and getting something in-between.

The model includes a pickup model, input boost and output trim controls, three alternate voicings for the amp (we found quite strong differences among units and sub-models) and also the "Blues" amp mode from the Trem-o-Verb sub-model of the Rectifier.
Also included are solid-state or tube power supply and a direct control on the output stage's feedback (from loose to tight).

Sounds very well, strong or brutal, or also slightly overdriven where needed, and is fun to play, like a real amp in a real room. Also gets external pedal very well.

Available as VST/AU/AAX for Windows and Mac OSX systems.

MSRP 29.99$ on

A few performances by our friend Domenico: