- Wait, wait, wait, another f****g 1176?
- Uh, not exactly, I told you, it's 1178.
- Don't you think we have enough already?
- Trust me, try this one, it has that "extra thing"
- Mhh like what? Make coffee?
- Yes, what else?

Hi folks,

Almost a year (!) after we started to tackle FET compression with Pulsar Smasher, we are extremely pleased and proud to present you the Pulsar 1178. This plugin is the fruit of all our efforts to create the most versatile FET compressor.

It is based on a rare and expensive legend of the recording studio, the 1178, which is more versatile and cleaner than its older brother, the 1176.

Our software meticulously recreates the original hardware in its tonal color and compression character - but we’ve also taken the Pulsar 1178 further, adding all the features you would expect from a modern, versatile tool, and more :
  • A full-featured sidechain EQ
  • 4 types of saturations for even more distinctive tone
  • Comprehensive digital metering to precisely control your dynamics
But also :
  • Mid/Side Processing
  • Look-ahead and look behind options
  • Presets from world-class sound engineers
  • External sidechaining
  • Up to 8X oversampling
  • Smart and resizable graphical interface

We hope that you'll enjoy using this plugin as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Stay safe,

François, Niccolò & Vincent - the Pulsar Team


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Price: 149 €
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