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A plugin with very unique and strong vintage character that will bend your track in a dramatic way, with deep, warm bass and grainy highs to firmly sculpt your sound.
Low/high shelves plus a Mid band semi-parametric equaliser based on an original vintage tube circuit from the middle of last century.
The Mid has been custom-extended by London Acoustics from one band to 13 bands in order to achieve a wider range of action and more flexibility. Its magical preamp has been sampled in the original “barn find” state, and in nine different stages of repetitive sampling. The sampled unit is extremely rare and its model still unknown, dated between 1955 – 1959, and all we know is that it comes from a British company that was a pioneering industry that made the history of the radio, amplifiers, effects, etc. founded in 1924.

Check out videos, and manual, at this link: VERONA Vintage Tube Console - London Acoustics - Audio Plugins

What is it and what makes Verona Vintage Tube Console so special?

VERONA VINTAGE TUBE CONSOLE is a great sounding summing-plugin that features lots of tube-vibe harmonics. With its simple and effective controls, useful treble and bass frequencies and a well selected set of mid bands, it can make your tracks sound fantastic in seconds, with that typical and instant gratification of the ’50s/’60s masterpieces.

Ah, and it’s more than rare: it’s unique. In and out of the box.

What is it best used for?

The plugin is designed for everything you want to make sounding better, for single tracks, to the master-buss, and even for mastering purpose.

Price (MSRP): €85.00 [now with the introductory price of €51 (40% off) until the 18th of January]

Licensing: Challenge-response authorization system allows activation for two computers per license.

The trial version is fully functional for a duration of four weeks. Trial license allows the activation of two computers per license.
The trial version is available in Aquarius.

• Low Shelf +/-15dB gain, 80Hz. *
• Mid-Low Semi Parametric, continuous, +/- 15dB gain, 125Hz-3.7kHz frequency range. *
• High Shelf +/-17dB gain, 12kHz. *
• Vintage tube analogue circuit preamp on/off button.
• Recapped preamps selection-knob, 9 positions.
• Output peak VU meter led.

(*) these EQ band-gains also dynamically change the equalizer harmonics independently from the TUBE SAT knob.

Available in VST2/3, AU, AAX – 64 bit formats.

A little bit about London Acoustics:
We are a group of very passionate producers and musicians who met in London with a passion for recording gear and years of experience working in the pro-audio industry. Our mission is to offer cool new sound palettes for Acustica Audio Nebula users and, of course, for ourselves!

London Acoustics Plugin Installation tutorial: How to install N4 and libraries through Aquarius

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