DMAX Audio Introduces the Super Cubes 5 Active Near-Field monitors.

DMAX Audio has released the Super Cubes 5 active near-field monitors. These monitors use the idea of reproducing the full frequency range using a single diaphragm speaker in a sealed, compact enclosure. This allows us to obtain the lowest nonlinear distortion and the shortest possible Impulse speaker impulse response possible. Super Cube 5's employ custom designed proprietary FIR filters that flatten amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics. Below are typical characteristics of Super Cubes 5:

As results in incredible speed and accuracy of transient detail. Thanks to the FIR filter the non-linearity of the amplitude response is within +/- 2dB, and phase deviation never exceeds 10 degrees above 200Hz, making them almost linear-phase monitors. This precise phasing yields razor sharp spatial localization and flat amplitude response, and when coupled with such low THD, it makes Super Cubes 5 one of the most neutral-sounding monitors. To achieve such high performance, each pair of monitors is calibrated and adjusted manually. The incredible sound these monitors produce will change the way you think about compact monitoring.

  • Driver Diameter: 13cm /5"/
  • Speaker Dimensions:20x20x20cm /7.8x7.8x7.8in/
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-20kHz @ +/-2dB
  • Amp Power RMS: 2x50W @ 8Ohms
  • Recommended Distance to Listener:0.8-1,4m /2ft8in-4ft8in/

Available now, priced at 800USD / 690EUR, including the 19" (2U) rack-mount DSP-amplifier.

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