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Avid introduces a new audio interface called Pro Tools | Carbon. The device will be available during November.

From German translation-official PR to follow.

Pro Tools | Avid's Carbon is a new generation of audio interface for solo artists, bands and producers. This new, hybrid audio production system delivers outstanding sound quality and combines the native performance of the computer with the integrated HDX DSP acceleration. When mixing, Pro Tools® can be driven to the performance limits of the native system, while recording you can take advantage of the ultra-fast performance of the built-in DSPs with almost latency-free monitoring of <1ms. Everything at your fingertips - all within Pro Tools.

With 8 HDX DSPs under the hood, Avid's market-leading technology for recording and monitoring at <1ms is now available to an expanded circle of artists, producers and sound engineers. New in the course of this is the "Hybrid Engine", which is the focus of an intelligent integration of the hardware with Pro Tools. The real-time processing of the AAX DSP plugins can be outsourced to the carbon hardware as required. The result is a smooth workflow that encourages creative, inspired work and thus brings out the best in the artistic process.

Carbon is connected to the computer via Ethernet based on the AVB protocol and uses the Core Audio driver to connect to Pro Tools, so other DAWs can use Carbon as an interface at the same time.

Carbon is supplied with a Pro Tools Standard 1-year license, which after one year, if it is not extended in time, is converted into a permanent license without an active update plan. Buyers who already have a Pro Tools license (Standard or Ultimate with an active support plan) can use the enclosed license as a one-year extension.

Also included are permanent licenses for exquisite AAX DSP plugins from third-party providers worth over € 1,100.

Performance characteristics
  • 25 x 34 inputs and outputs that can be used simultaneously
  • 192 kHz / 32-bit conversion
  • 8 HDX DSPs for processing AAX DSP plugins and latency-free recording
  • 8 mic / line preamps with "Variable Z" (impedance) at inputs 5 - 8
  • 2 instrument inputs with "Variable Z"
  • Stereo monitor outputs
  • 8 x 8 line inputs and outputs
  • 4 headphone outputs
  • 16 x 16 ADAT inputs and outputs
  • Word Clock I / O
  • built-in talkback microphone, foot switchable
  • Foot switch connection
  • 2 Ethernet ports
  • Internal power supply
  • System requirements
  • Avid-qualified Apple Mac with macOS 10.15.6 or higher and Ethernet port or original Apple Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter
  • Pro Tools 2020.11 (to be released at the same time)

Pro Tools | Carbon will be available from Avid resellers at an RRP of € 4,163.81.