High Resolution Semi-Modular Synthesizer

MegaHertz utilises recent advancements in processing power to allow for extremely high internal sample-rates to achieve impressive analogue emulation authenticity.
These extreme sample rates are maintained throughout the synthesizer for both audio and control signals.

Each of MegaHertz's many components are re-generated up to a million (Mega) times every second (Hertz) with the same "mico-shifts" and instabilities that give analogue synthesizers their famed character and liveliness.

Just like the analogue polysynths that inspired it, no two instances of MegaHertz sound completely identical.
In fact, even two voices within the same instance never sound identical.


2 high resolution generative oscillators with sync, FM, ring modulation and a sub oscillator.

2 hyper-fast envelopes with unique curves geared towards extra punch.

Polyphonic LFO with various timing, smoothing and triggering options.

Monophonic LFO with various timing, smoothing and triggering options.

Multi-mode, multi-slope, zero delay feedback filter with an internal saturator.

CV sequencer with per-step glide control and multiple playback and triggering options (including random).

Gate sequencer with per-step latch control and multiple playback and triggering options (including random).

Extensive "cable based" modulation matrix, allowing over a million unique routings.

High quality effects including Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Phaser and Distortion.

Fully polyphonic, adjustable unison that sacrifices neither polyphony, nor CPU overhead.

Global swing controls for the sequencers and LFOs.

3 dedicated emulation authenticity modes that allow scalability to a wide range of processing power requirements.


MegaHertz is available as 64bit VST2 and VST3 plugins for Windows, and as an AU plugin for Mac.

A recent machine (with at least an 'Intel i5' or equivalent CPU) is recommended for best performance.

Trial version features full functionality but introduces intermittent noise/mutes.

Please try a Trial version before purchasing to ensure compatibility with your setup.