After lots of fun using, disassembling, measuring, fixing an old Yamaha RA200 we finally decided that it sounded better with a tube amplifier in front of it.
After a lot of time from first preview we decided that it was time for it to go outside.

We added a couple of microphones (to make it stereo, where needed) and kept the frequency crossover (the low range speaker doesn't move, the mid-high range heads rotate, asynchronously).

The result is a mix of chorus, tremolo, flanging, phasing, whatever.
I personally prefer it in parallel with another guitar amp but not always.

It is based on physical models (the rotating heads show their real position in the model, the animation is not just gimmicks). The amplifier is component-level modelling.

This is an amp, not an effect.

Available now on as VST/AU/AAX for Windows and Mac systems (yes, Catalina). Launch price 29.99$.

Will you like it? Who knows. We looove it