Singular Audio launches the f-48 microphone. Vintage sound in a modern package, hand built by an audio engineer.

The f-48 is a large diaphragm fet condenser microphone. The capsule is a k-47 type, the same type found in the famous u47 fet microphone. It has a very smooth top end, with a mid forward sound. Very pleasing on all kinds of sources, and especially vocals. Always full and never harsh.

Only the best components are used, with resistors hand matched for the best performance. This microphone features an amplification circuit with a vintage NOS fet, manually calibrated for best sound. Inspired by a vintage Neumann circuit, this design generates a defined and crisp sound without hyped high end. In audio, often simple circuits and designs work well. This mic is very reminiscent of a u47 fet, but has fewer parts so it has a slightly warmer sound with more harmonics. It also has very low self noise. The microphone features a 6.5:1 output transformer, for extra smooth tones, a flattering transient response and mojo. An internal switch allows for both cardioid and omni pattern operation.

The microphones are hand built in small batches. These first units are going to be priced at 495 euros, excl. shipping. After that the units are going to cost 595 euros. Please note: when ordering inside the EU 21% tax is added.

More information on .Raw multitrack wav recordings can be downloaded on the site.

YouTube demos found here: