SnareBuzz 2.0 is a free plug-in for Mac and PC that simulates the sympathetic resonance of the snare when another sound source is playing nearby.
If you ever played with a band you already know what I'm talking about.
This is even something to avoid, but if you mix it subtly you will get a psychoacoustic effect that will make the track feel like it was played live. You'll miss it when it's gone, that's the point

Version 2.0 includes a new resizable UI and new parameters:
  • Tightness of the snare.
  • 5 snares.
  • 5 studios.
  • Mic distance.
  • Mix and output controls.
  • Level meter.
  • Catalina support.

Download for free here:

I hope SnareBuzz brings a little bit of joy and entertainment during this difficult times. Stay safe!