Now, all Analog Obsession plugins are "donation-ware".

This situation is really sad after 3 years but can't handle Analog Obsession as a company, anymore.

You can download all plugins for free. And if you want, you can still support Analog Obsession with 5$ / Monthly. You can break support any time you want.

I will still develop plugins and they will be donation-ware (Think like Patreon).

No need account to download. Scroll down, and you will see SUPPORT BUTTON + DOWNLOAD LINKS.



I have some bad news...

I've lost my website because attack was really big... I can't handle any new bad news...

So i have to start from scratch.

Some users gave me advice about Patreon and i started Patreon.

I'm uploading all plugins to my own pcloud server. First, i uploaded BlackShow for opening Patreon page. Tomorrow, i will start uploading others.

You can support me and motivate me...


Now, you can download it and become my patron...

I'm sorry.




BlackShow + Bug Free
BlackVibe + Bug Free
BritChannel + Volume Spike
BUSTER + Volume Spike
CHOPA + Bug Free
COMBOX + Volume Spike
Distox + Bug Free
DoDoD + Bug Free
FETISH + Bug Free
FRANK + Bug Free
GUNNER + Bug Free
Harqules + Volume Spike
HLQSE + Volume Spike
JAMP + Bug Free
Kolin + Bug Free
MPReq + Bug Free
N492ME + Volume Spike
OAQ + Bug Free
OSS + Volume Spike
OverDiver + Bug Free
PigPie + Bug Free
Rare + Volume Spike
SPre + Bug Free
SSQ + Volume Spike
SweetDrums + Volume Spike
SweetVox + Volume Spike
TREQ + Volume Spike
VariMoon + Volume Spike
YALA + Bug Free
Zupaa + Bug Free

All bugs are fixed after some works. Now, there is no volume spike issue.


1. Next 2 days, i will upload all plugins to server and Patreon page.

2. After uploading existing versions, i will update Mac versions in a week.

3. After updating Mac versions, i will update Windows versions in a week.

Thanks for your patience.