TL;DW: Facet is a new kind of hard clip that adds two sharp corners into the wave.

Post or die! No food until post! Post is life! I'm super exhausted today, so I hope this makes sense. If not, ask on the Monday livestream.

Facet came out of me trying to come up with a new and distinct kind of distortion for the combined-distortions plugin I'm going to do. Rather than just bring Drive, Density, Spiral, Mojo etc. together, I wanted to add something different.

So, Facet adds a 'clip point' but rather than a hard clip it just changes the 'knee' of the transfer function so your peaks can still go super high, way beyond 0 dB if you like.

But, they change 'angle' at a sharp point which becomes sort of a corner in the sound. Except for high settings it's both high up in the loudness, and a very gentle 'corner': still sharp, but very little change.

And down near zero, it's damn near total hard clipping. At silence, it literally is a hard clip to silence.

Aw hell. Play with it, see what you think. i can't explain this one well, at least not right now. The mad scientist labs have released another weird one. It will act like it's a hard clip or a semi-dirty saturation, except the range of adjustment acts different, and it'll throw an odd artifact on pure low-frequency tones… just play with it, see what you get. It will find its way into the combined plugin because it's got a flavor all its own, but I can't describe it today.

I've survived this long on Patreon and most likely will still do so even if I don't beat myself into the ground making new posts and plugins, but part of it is because I've had the opportunity to up my game quite a bit, and it's meant weeks of nonstop work on stuff that isn't plugins. I'm sure it'll get easier in time