Kludge Audio Announces Germanium Preamplifier

Kludge's Model 511 ($529) fits into an API 500-series rack and delivers a smooth and dense classic sound that brings tracks to the front of the mix.


WILLIAMSBURG, Va., Oct 9, 2019 -- Kludge Audio, a pioneer in audio electronics for traditional recording practices, announced that it has begin shipping its model 511 germanium preamplifier which is the industry's first germanium preamplifier using a low noise input topology. Kludge Audio began production of its preamplifier after receiving the first production run of custom-made input transformers from England this month. Immediate delivery is now available.

Although designed for pop and rock production where heavy compression at the microphone preamp is necessary, the company continues to build an array of products such as the 510 Transwarmer and 508 equalizer which were initially designed for classical music and production work of high realism, but which have become popular throughout the industry.

Designed by Scott Dorsey, the Kludge Audio products came initially out of his vision of products that he personally wanted to use in his production work, built in the US with high reliability design for professional use.

"Just like the previous Kludge Audio products, I designed the 511 to solve a specific problem that I had in the studio. It's a preamplifier that offers inherent limiting, which can be used at very high levels without audibly damaging the sound. When hit hard with a high output signal, it creates a dense sound that sits forward in a mix," says Mr. Dorsey.

Pricing and Availability:

The Kludge Audio model 511 Germanium Preamplifier lists for $529.

It consists of a single low noise germanium-based preamplifier module with phantom power and variable gain. It is currently available direct from the manufacturer at http://www.kludgeaudio.com/500 or from dealers.