Best Service releases Elision for KontaktPlayer

Elysion is a huge and incredibly fast scoring tool, perfectionated to fill the space with inspiration. It was built on handcrafted processed and synthesized sounds, treated like acoustic instruments. Integrated into the pathbreaking Ensemble Engine, Elysion is the massive hybrid twin to The Orchestra.

Score the future and experience the infinite sound cosmos, Elysion unfolds just on a fingertip.

*For registered owners of The Orchestra, Strings of Winter, or The Orchestra Complete

Elysion was made to expand the range of our flagship "The Orchestra" into and beyond the digital era. Together, they set a new level of hybrid composing: incredibly simple and outrageously beautiful.
  • Experience the simplicity of 142 instantly playable hybrid organic instruments.
  • Experience the infinite depth of over 12.500 samples, all carefully recorded, handcrafted and layered with up to 5 velocity layers.
  • Experience the flexibility of over 230 complex animated and fully customizable themes.

Score the Future with our Familiar User Interface

Elysion’s user interface is the advanced progression of the highly-acclaimed UI from "The Orchestra". The most essential controls are easily and quickly accessible to keep you focused on your creative scoring.

"Elysion" was developed for Best Service by Sonuscore / Dynamedion, the makers of The Orchestra, Strings of Winter, Trinity Drums as well as NI Action Strings, Action Strikes and Emotive Strings.

Elysion is available now at Best Service and participating key dealers.

Best Service "Elysion" - MSRP € 229
Best Service "Elysion Crossgrade" - MSRP € 179
*for registered useres of The Orchestra, Strings of Winter or The Orchestra Complete


AAX native, AU, ENGINE powered, KontaktPlayer powered, Mac, NKS support, Standalone, VST, Win
Download Size: 12,94 GB

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