The Analog Matrix audio breakthrough: - Robotically controlled analog hardware in the cloud

For immediate release September 18th, 2019

-For the first time ever, musicians and engineers can process audio in real time using robotically controlled analog hardware in the cloud.

-The Analog Matrix works as a plugin inside all major digital audio workstations.

-Robotically controlled hardware offers unique benefits not possible before such as full recall, user designed custom presets, automation, easy routing, and simple parallel processing.

Longmont, Colorado - A new innovation in audio processing is now available from Access Analog: The groundbreaking Analog Matrix plugin can stream audio to professional audio hardware in the cloud. It’s the first plugin that lets musicians and engineers connect to robotically controlled hardware in real time.

“We created a solution that allows anyone to use the same professional analog processing they’ve heard on their favorite recordings.” Access Analog founder Chris Barrett explains “Users can connect from anywhere using a standard internet connection, at a fraction of the cost of buying the hardware. We recognized that many engineers and musicians have a strong desire to use analog hardware, but do not have access to a studio that owns the equipment, or resources available to purchase the gear”

Robotically controlled hardware offers unique benefits that have never before been possible.

“The Analog Matrix gives you full recall, presets, drag and drop routing flexibility and options like automation and easy parallel processing,” Barrett says “And you can utilize these benefits from anywhere, instead of being tied to a single studio location.”

A new approach to mixing is now possible.

“Since the audio is streaming to hardware and back with real-time control, metering and monitoring, - users can mix audio while also using any plugins or hardware they already own.” Barrett explains “It’s truly a hybrid solution in which analog hardware can easily be integrated in a digital audio workstation.”

Access Analog offers equipment from manufacturers Manley Labs, Solid State Logic, Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, Louder Than Liftoff, and Pultec with many more to be added in the future. Users can easily mix and match devices to create their own unique signal chain. The Analog Matrix plugin can be downloaded for free - users just pay to reserve equipment that is available 24 hours per day, year-round. The server and associated hardware are located in Longmont, Colorado, with additional servers being added as demand requires.

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