New Soyuz Product - The Launcher

Soyuz Microphones will release “a little magic box” designed to give common microphones like the SM57 and SM58 the “Soyuz sound".

Introducing the Launcher

Imagine taking a piece of a vintage analog console and putting it in an affordable little box– a magic box that gives a rich and classic character to dynamic and ribbon microphones. Well, it’s no longer a fantasy.

The Launcher prides itself on being colored and loaded with character. Soyuz has achieved this with one of its custom transformers and a top-secret, analogue circuit that took more than two years to develop

The Soyuz Launcher is a “pre-pre-amp” similar to products by Cloud, sE, Royer, and Crimson, but unlike other boxes that promise clean, transparent gain, it will impart character and color while also boosting your gain by 25dB.

Take Your Sound With You

100% hand built in the Soyuz factory, The Launcher is simple, elegant and sturdy, with a 1.5mm sheet steel shell and no switches. It’s designed to be equally at home in the studio or at the gig. With The Launcher, you can truly take your sound with you.

Dream In Color

In the age of digital recording, “clean and silent” is not usually difficult to achieve. What’s often missing in recordings is that “x factor”: the color and personality that analog gear somehow brings to a track. With The Launcher’s custom transformer and analog circuit, that classic, colorful sound is now within reach of virtually anyone.

“At Soyuz, we’re always striving to create products that are useful to people. Our microphones are handmade and as such, quite expensive. Even our most affordable LDC, The Bomblet, is out of range for most recording enthusiasts. So we wanted to create something that could work with some very common gear like the SM58 and an Apollo or Focusrite to give people a way of getting some thickness, depth and personality into a chain that normally might not have it. We wanted The Launcher to be like a little piece of a classic analog board, but at a price point that would be within the range of almost anyone.”

Available October 15th, Worldwide

Price: $199 USD

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