Stellare Modular releases Creative Suite for VCV Rack-stellaremodular-creativesuite-700x804.jpg

Stellare Modular releases Creative Suite for VCV Rack

Stellare Modular, known for the free official Turing machine port and Ableton Link modules has released a commercial package of 9 modules called the Creative Suite.

The modules were inspired by the ‘Steevio Method’ and brings all the modules you need to replicate this generative sequencing method. The package consists of 9 modules:
Andromeda - Gate / CV sequencer
Azular - Gate sequencer
Nomlia - CV sequencer
Delta - Shuffle generator
Pelisia - Matrix Mixer
Qusia - Dual Trigger Delay
Sigma - Precission Adder
AL14 - 4 Outputs 1 Input Sequential Switch
AL41 - 4 Inputs 1 Output Sequential Switch

The Creative Suite is now available in the VCV Rack Store for 25 US dollars and only works with Rack V1.0.

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