Acustica Audio releases 'Taupe' - bringing in-the-box mixers the authentic sound of 21 analog tape machines, 3 consoles, 2 compressors and more.

Product: Taupe
Developer: Acustica Audio
Price (MSRP): BLACK FRIDAY INTRO PRICING- 249.00 € 161.85 € (35%OFF) - Save over €80! For the first four weeks after release or until first official version is released. The price after the introductory price period will be €249.
Plug-in Format(s): VST2, AU, AAX
System Requirements (Windows): Windows 7 - Windows 10
System Requirements (OSX): OSX 10.8 - OSX 10.13
Taupe Commercial web-page: Taupe (Pre-Order) - Acustica Audio
Taupe Trial web-page: Taupe (Trial) - Acustica Audio
Taupe User's manual:

DISCLAIMER: this initial intro pricing version of Taupe will be released only with 44.1kHz and 96kHz native sample rate vectors. 48kHz and 88.2kHz vectors will be released in the next months. The use of the plug-in at 48kHz and 88.2kHz sample rates is still possible. However, users may experience slower plug-in load time and slightly worse sound quality due to the applied internal for the plug-in vector sample rate conversion process.

"I have so many good memories of the early 90s. Back in the day I was an Italian electronic music producer. I had a small recording studio, in a small apartment acoustically treated with just polystyrene and egg cartons. The whole studio, with crappy acoustics and a pair of cheap monitors, was built around samplers and synthesizers, all driven by a simple computer with a midi interface. It took me almost thirty years to realize my dream to have the best possible instruments at my fingertips, and even though Acustica has become an ever growing company and our creations are used at every level of audio production by some of the best producers on the planet, I felt the production process was incomplete, there was something missing, the most important piece of the puzzle.
At that time we had to fight with noise, limited editing possibilities and the disadvantages of using low quality instruments, and yet the results sounded incredible! So musical! Why? Because tape machines were at the centre of everything! Since then, I made it my mission to some day reproduce them in the digital domain, and to a standard that is now become typical of our products, using our exclusive sampling approach that has made our products popular with so many pros around the world.
With this plugin we have spared no expense, we spent sleepless nights striving for the best results, and we traveled thousands of miles to get our hands on the most beautiful devices on the planet.
Now I feel that my dream is completely and finally realized".

Giancarlo Del Sordo - CEO, Acustica Audio

Beyond tape.

Taupe gives the user access to the sound of 21 meticulously sampled machines from the late 50s up to the early 90s, the EQ section of 3 iconic American consoles from the 70s and 80s and 2 switchable compressors, all available as standalone modules too.

Dedicated MIX control.

The MIX control is something different from the dry/wet knob found on most plugins. It allows the user to adjust the desired amount of ‘tape coloration’ - from 0 (preamp input signal) to 100% (tape signal) effectively blending the tonal characteristics of the machine's circuitry with or without the tape component, for enhanced creative effects.


Taupe responds to input level variations, just like its analog counterparts. This allows the user to reach for subtle to more obvious levels of tape compression and harmonic saturation when driving the input stage hot. The ECONO function disables the compression component of the tape, saving CPU resources for other effects.


Core 13 represents a new technological advancement by Acustica:

-NEW Our new Core 13 engine improves on the previous version by introducing our new VLA™ technology (Vector Loading Acceleration), which makes the response of the plugin much faster.
-Upgraded SASM (Symmetric & Asymmetric Saturation Modeling) high performance saturation algorithm;
-Introduction of a new post-production sample de-noising tech for cleaner deconvolved impulses called STT (Super transient technology);
-Full compatibility with Client/Server architecture integrated by default in Acqua plugins;
-Engine optimization introducing a new highly efficient algorithm. This innovative technique is applied to all the deconvolved impulses for further de-noise processing and subsequent elimination of any incorrect low-level behavior (including the so-called "echo bug").

Core 13 allows performance improvements for each plug-in of the Acqua Effects series, while at the same time preserving all the features already supported in previous CORE upgrades.


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