We're thrilled to announce our next audio plugin, which also takes the quality of London Acoustics to the next level, with no compromises.:*OSAKA MIX EQ

Check out high resolution audio samples, more videos, and manual, at this link:*Osaka Mix EQ - London Acoustics - Audio Plugins

OSAKA MIX EQ is a custom-built, solid-state parametric equalizer designed with no compromise on quality.
It features LOW SHELF, LOW-MID and HIGH-MID PARAMETRIC, and HI SHELF parameter controls, somewhat Oxford-esque in inspiration, though specially developed for mixing purposes, to bring a wide palette of colour to your mixes.

OSAKA MIX EQ features a second preamp stage called DRIFT+, an addtional preamp stage with custom circuitry, sampled and developed entirely by LONDON ACOUSTICS to emphasize the “analogue feel” of this equipment.
“Analogue Drift” is in regard to the effect of the component’s temperature altering its sonic character, over time.
All of these subtle variations are usually due to naturally occurring reactions in circuitry that have not been compensated for in the design. This phenomenon is also known as the (with a slightly less glamorous name) “Flaw/Feature effect”.

This effect gives, in the physical hardware domain, more openness and the impression of more air, and more subtle enhancement of dynamic, to make your recording sound more “alive”. The Analogue DRIFT+ feature is an integral part of that sonic character that gives vintage signal processors that analogue sound.

With DRIFT+, we have harnessed this effect and brought it in line with current audio standards: recreating this effect in an amplified way, improving the fidelity, widening the frequency spectrum and response.
The DRIFT+ option is well suited to nearly every kind of track, mixing group, and sometimes even worth try on the master buss!

OSAKA MIX EQ is an official third-party plugin for*N4 Player


Low Shelf +/-15dB gain, 20 - 400Hz fequency range.

Mid-Low Parametric, continuous bell-Q shape (narrow to wide), +/-15dB gain, continuous 50Hz-1.3kHz frequency range.

Mid-High Parametric, continuous bell-Q shape (narrow to wide), +/-15dB gain, continuous 1kHz-13kHz frequency range.

High Shelf +/-15dB gain, 1.5 - 13kHz fequency range.

Solid State analogue circuit preamp on/off button.

Analogue Drift circuit [DRIFT+] on/off button.

Bypass on/off button

VU Meters IN/OUT -42/+5dB

VST, AU, AAX – 32, 64 bit

Price (MSRP): €70.00*[now with the introductory price of*€59.50*(15% off) until the 11th of November]

Licensing: Challenge-response authorization system allows activation for two computers per license.

The trial version is fully functional for a duration of four weeks. Trial license allows the activation of two computers per license.

Formats supported:
Supported operation systems: OS X and Windows.
Supported plug-in formats: VST2, AAX, and AU.
Supported architectures: 32 and 64-bits.

A little bit about London Acoustics:
We are a London-based group of very passionate producers and musicians with a passion for recording gear and years of experience working in the pro-audio industry. Our mission is to offer cool new sound palettes for*Acustica Audio Nebula*users and, of course, for ourselves!

London Acoustics Plugin Installation tutorial:

Much love.