Yamaha updates CL/QL Digital Audio Consoles With New Rupert Neve Designs Integrations-yamaha-console-canvas-720x374.jpg

Yamaha updates CL/QL Digital Audio Consoles to V5.0 With New Rupert Neve Designs Integrations

Yamaha Professional Audio recently announced Version 5.0 for Yamaha CL and QL Digital Audio Consoles. This new update includes remote control support for Rupert Neve Designs’ RMP-D8 8-Channel Remote Control Dante Microphone Preamplifier, as well as a new Portico 5045 Primary Source Enhancer for use in the Premium Rack.

From Yoshi Tsugawa, General Manager of Yamaha’s Pro Audio Division: “Continuing updates for the CL and QL series consoles have contributed to their adoption in a wide range of applications such as live music, corporate events, broadcast, theater, and more. The Version 5.0 update not only adds new functionality, but through close collaboration with third parties also provides connectivity with more Dante devices.”

With the new update, the Class-A microphone preamplifiers in the Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8 can now be controlled remotely from any Yamaha CL or QL console, providing a new high-end mic preamp option for Dante-connected venues, studios, broadcast systems, and touring rigs.

The addition of the Portico 5045 to the Premium Rack in V5.0 also brings the industry-leading feedback reduction of the rack-mount 5045 and 500-Series 545 Primary Source Enhancers to Yamaha’s digital console world. The analog version is often utilized on lead vocals with touring artists including Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Madonna, CHVRCHES, My Morning Jacket, Halsey, and more.

For more information on the update, please visit: Yamaha Corporation - Global
For more information on the RMP-D8 and the 5045, please visit Rupert Neve Designs: The Best Mic Pre, EQ, Compressor & Consoles