AutoTonic has released version 1.2 of its MIDI Transposer software, which allows the user to use keymapping in realtime:

Free your playing from habits and physical limitations!

This MIDI note transposer is to the computer based composer what the EQ and the compressor are to the mixing engineer: a tool you won't miss again once you started to use it. Convert simple input notes into highly complex music – with the push of a button (your black keys). AutoTonic will take your ideas to new heights without cheating. Stop playing ... get serious and produce more by practicing less. Get serious about your music today!

  • Realtime Key Mapping: lets you map any notes to your white keys in realtime
  • Unlimited Possibilities: any harmonic genre can be created, any scale you can think of*
  • Integrated Music Theory Database: comes with a library of over 50 prebuilt scale templates
  • Create Your Own, unique Scales: share them with others or save them for a later use
  • Max. Hardware Compatibility: no specific hardware required, any MIDI keyboard works
  • Max. Software Compatibility: works with any DAW or virtual instrument
* in western tonal music

Virtual Cabling
Using AutoTonic requires some virtual cabling. The MIDI processing software acts as a “sandwich processor” between a MIDI source (e.g. your MIDI keyboard) and destination (e.g. any DAW or virtual instrument, on Windows or Mac).

Setting up the software to work together with your DAW of choice is just a matter of configuring AutoTonic’s MIDI Input and Output via the application’s MIDI I/O button. You then configure your target application.

Example: 'MIDI Setup Explained' (AutoTonic + Mac + Logic Pro)
↳ Link:

Autotonic in Action
Here are some random examples on what you can do with AutoTonic:

Here’s AutoTonic – demonstrated by Clemens Slama, the inventor and developer of the patented MIDI processing plugin:

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AutoTonic can be installed on up to 3 computers, as long as only one is running at any given time. AutoTonic for Windows and Mac is available for purchase for $179 USD (full license) or $89 USD for a 5-year subscription, that's less than $0,05 per day. A free 14-day demo (must be restarted every 10 minutes) is also available for download here: FREE AutoTonic Demo

A note for your consideration: Your support in form of a purchase will help us, as a startup, keep developing on this wonderful off-mainstream software, so with your help, we might be able to implement new features and ideas. Thank you for your trust!