Kali Audio Announces Debut Product Line: LP-6 and LP-8 Studio Monitors

Kali Audio, a startup audio company based in Southern California, has announced its debut product line, Project Lone Pine Studio Monitors, at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami.

The line is made up of two models: the LP-6 6.5-Inch Studio Monitor and the LP-8 8-Inch Studio Monitor. Both models feature advanced waveguides, largest in-class magnets and voice coils, and a unique front-firing, low noise port tube. An array of boundary compensation EQ settings, XLR, TRS, and RCA inputs, and Class D power amps all make the monitors easy to use in any set up.

Charles Sprinkle, Kali’s Director of Acoustics, says of the monitors: “Project Lone Pine Studio Monitors are the most advanced speakers in their class. They are exceptionally accurate, and the large drivers that we’re using deliver incredible punch and clarity all the way down to the bottom of the frequency response. We’re excited to be debuting them at Rolling Loud, because we think that artists working in hip-hop and other bass-heavy formats are really going to appreciate the precision and accuracy of the low end, and how well balanced it is to the rest of the response.”

Kali is partnered with Audiomack for the debut at Rolling Loud. Audiomack is hosting a pop-up studio where artists can meet and collaborate in real time. Several pairs of LP-6s are being used, with a small team from Kali present to hear people’s initial impressions.

The LP-6 will be available in the US August 1st, with the LP-8 following shortly after.

For more information, go to: Kali Audio