HEDD proudly presents the HEDD | TOWER MAINS. A new breed of Main Monitors. Shipping 4/2018.

With the HEDD Tower Mains, we open up new horizons for full range studio monitoring systems and to what they can do for the sound engineer.

Modern Main Monitoring Systems have to be cost- effective and flexible enough to work in every possible studio environment. That’s why we designed the HEDD Tower Mains with a modular approach in mind. They consist of a main unit (TM80) that can be combined with either 1 or 2 subwoofers (TMS36) per channel. Each sub incorporates 4 drivers in a closed box design and 1.200W of amplification. The Tower Mains components can be arranged and used flexibly (as columns, soffit mounted), depending on the size and geometries of the engineer’s working space. Due to a sophisticated filter design, users will always have a seamless transition and homogeneous sound.

The new HEDD Tower Mains let engineers discover what decisive role dynamics play in audio reproduction and how pivotal they are to achieve the highest degree in realism and authenticity.

Additional features:
• the latest version of Klaus Heinz’ very own tweeter design, the Air Motion Transformer
• full HEDD Bridge compatibility to connect the Tower Mains directly to a Dante-IP based playback device, or to a more complex multichannel hub based on Audinates IP technology • the free HEDD Lineariser® software plugin that enables the Tower Mains to play with a striking phase linearity of ±1°

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