It is with great excitement that Louder Than Liftoff and drBill announce Chroma - the world's first 500 series audio processor with Twin Tone-Amp™ architecture and the ability to accept real analog plugins for expanding its feature set. Answering the call for a single channel Silver Bullet, Chroma delivers with its twin topology (A or N) line processor and mic amp, but adds an exciting twist - an analog plugin slot accepting Colour Modules. This feature allows additional processing and effects to be inserted into the signal path and mixed with Chroma’s classic "A" or "N" inspired MOJO Amps..

Introductory Price: $599 (normally $749)
Early adopter discounts: Definitely! See the website for details:
  • Multiple quantity discounts
  • FREE and discounted analog plugin modules
  • Void Corp member discounts
Availability: Available for pre-order now!
Shipping: On or before 7/4/17

Chroma features the same classic American and British MOJO Amps developed for , but adapted for a single slot 500 series module. The functionality and tonal versatility of Chroma can be further expanded by installing optional analog plugin cards conforming to the Colour Module standard created by DIY Recording Equipment. Once again, the collaborative effort between Louder Than Liftoff and drBill has resulted in a truly unique and innovative feature set, unparalleled by any other 500 series processor or mic pre available.

  • Dual mode Mic Amp – toggle between classic API or Neve inspired mic amps - no more swapping mic preamps mid-session
  • Dual mode Mix Bus / 2-bus processor (in pairs) - yielding similar MOJO and image enhancing sonics as the Silver Bullet
  • Achieve saturation, 3D widening, or audio mangling for mix elements suffering from “digititus” by re-amping
  • MOJO-powered host for your favorite analog plugins (Colour Modules)

Colour Slot:

Although perfectly ready to work without them, Chroma comes ready to accept a wide variety of fully assembled analog plugins affordably priced from $79 - $129 that may be easily installed without tools in the Colour Module slot on Chroma’s printed circuit board. Just pop your favorite Colour Module into the slot, adjust the drive (C-DRV), and blend in (C-MIX) to taste. When EQ modules are installed in Chroma, the C-MIX knob functions as a variable amount of boost and cut depending on the module.

Louder Than Liftoff offers the following analog plugins for Chroma:
  • Pentode - a subminiature tube saturator
  • Implode - the world’s smallest compressor
  • Pulse - a textured tape echo/delay
  • Rogue Tec Air - a Pultec HF shelving EQ
  • Mass Drivr (NEW) – a classic American channel in pired by API 325 Line Amplifier
  • FET Filter (NEW) - a FET buffered tone-shaper with low shelf, high pass, and mid EQ
  • Many other third party modules are also available from the DIY Recording Equipment store
Other exciting new analog plugin modules from Louder Than Liftoff are in development and will be announced in the future.

Tone Shaping:

To round out its feature set, Chroma also features switchable HF and LF EQ boosts derived from drBill’s favorite Silver Bullet settings to enhance a track or add final polish to a mix. The user can select PRESENCE or AIR, and SUB or BASS frequencies via onboard jumpers. The HF switch can be programmed to add the Silver Bullet’s VINTAGE filter as well.

Other Specs:
  • Mic or Mix/Line mode
  • 48V phantom power
  • Polarity reverse
  • Mix/Line Gain: 0 to +26 dB, +26 to +52 dB (High Gain mode)
  • Mic Gain: +8 to +34 dB, +34 to +60 dB (High Gain mode)
  • Colour Drive: -6 to +18 dB
  • Custom American made transformers
  • ROGUE FIVE discrete op amps designed by Louder Than Liftoff, conforming to standard 2520 footprint
  • Signal present indicator and bi-directional meter
  • Designed and Assembled in Silicon Valley, CA, USA.

We packed a lot of love into Chroma and are looking forward to sharing it with you all.

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