Relab VSR S24 released!

The*VSR S24*delivers an exhaustive emulation of an iconic high-end unit for music and post production which can be heard on countless music and movie productions. With over 250 versatile and finely-crafted studio and cinema presets created to bring the highest level of sonic quality to all your DAW applications.

⦁ Relab has painstakingly recreated every characteristic of this complex unit and adds enhanced parameter ranges for infinite creativity.
⦁ Selectable reverberation engines and characteristics.
⦁ Extensive selection of Early Reflection patterns ranging from studios to various concert halls: Bathroom, Theater, Church, Vienna Halls and more.
⦁ The VSR S24 keeps the controls of the original, and adds higher precision calculations.
⦁ New features include selectable reverberation engines and characteristics for each channel for simulating any environment.
⦁ Over 250 presets.
⦁ Modern workflow with interactive graphical display illustrating the frequency stages of the reverberation.

The reverb excels at applying ‘prettier than life’ reverberation to many sources of a mix or complete stereo/multi-channel stems. It adds complex Early Reflections as well as a beautiful uncorrelated diffused response to the signal.

With a wide array of adjustable parameters, you can add a subtle ambience to the recording or create the perfect spaciousness of well-constructed concert hall down to its uneven reverberation behavior.

The VSR S24 plugin is a result of several years of research, tuning and optimizations.

The VSR S24 is fully functional cross-platform plug-in reverb supporting AU, VST and AAX.

Moreover Relab Development is proud to announce the release of our new website aiming at better user experience, advanced user services, greater support and to host new and exciting Relab products in the future.

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