Messe 2016: AMS NEVE DEBUTS DFC3D AT MUSIKMESSE 2016-dfc3d_front.jpg

AMS Neve introduces DFC3D - the latest incarnation of its DFC series, by far the most accomplished digital mixing consoles designed specifically for multi-format film dubbing and post production. With an unrivalled installation base, DFC is the standard among the world’s premier motion picture facilities.

This new generation includes:
  • New integrated DSP processes including Sub-harmonic Synthesizer, Multi-Band Compressor, and the return of the legendary RMX-16 Reverb. Increased DSP capacity allows for using the new processes in existing mix setups without compromising DSP availability.
  • New high-resolution 3D-enabled metering, with unique spatial panner optimised for Dolby Atmos™ providing the most efficient Atmos™ mixing experience and fastest transition from conventional mixing techniques.
  • Flexible Mix Engine natively supports 16-wide stems and pre-dubs, allowing true 3D panning without any compromises or workarounds.
  • Enhanced online and offline automation editing, speeding up re-conforming and streamlining mix workflows.
  • New Ethernet communications links provides enhanced flexibility, and system control analysis.

Academy™ and BAFTA award-winning post-production house, Goldcrest Films, already home to two DFC Gemini desks, has chosen a large format DFC3D digital film console for its new Dolby Atmos mixing theatre in the Soho-based studios, which opens in May. The console is a dual-engine 1000-path USP engine, with a 72-fader dual operator control surface with designed-in integration with the Avid S6 controller.

Goldcrest’s Head of Operations, Simon Ray, states, “Big films want to mix on large format digital mixing consoles and it is great that AMS Neve are constantly updating and improving the DFC to meet the demands of the new sound formats including Dolby Atmos™. The new IP based control means the surface can be modular and therefore configured to an individual mixers requirements”.

Link : AMS Neve | The Art of Sound