Hi folks! I'm so happy after yesterday's Audio Legend's announcement to reveal another product we are showing at AES 2015.

We previewed the Virtual Microphone System at the 2014 NAMM, a product that recreates the sound of several vintage microphones and preamps through the means of using reference quality hardware and digital signal processing.

Unfortunately, we paused the project soon after that preview so that we could update all of our plugins to AAX (at the time our team was half the size). But I'm very proud to tell you that last year we resumed the VMS, and it is done. And it is great! We will be shipping in December and many dealers who sell Slate are taking orders. For the Microphone, the preamp, and the software, it's only $999.

The mics we used for the VMS are some of the VERY best of their class, and their owner is one of the world's biggest gear collectors, but he also has some of the best ears in the biz. We visited him last week to FINALLY show him the VMS, and he wanted to compare his U47/1073 combo to our FG47 emulation through our FG73 emulations. You'll soon hear from the man himself about what the results were.

So anyway, here is our official new launch video with several new audio examples and feature presentations, hope you enjoy, and please come see the VMS as we have several amazing artist singing through it LIVE at booth 137!