Lots of work to get this one done:

Disto is a set of two devices in one, inspired to our pair of Distressor and a stereo FATSO Jr. by Empirical Labs, with some extremely useful add-ons like a Mid/Side encoding/decoding matrix.

Several effects are integrated for an overall control on sound and dynamics. Emulations have been designed to be quite aggressive and provide an useful "warming" tool with lots of versatility but quite simple to use.

Main features are:

- lots of compression character selections, with several knees and characters
- several saturation options
- output transformers
- "Warmth" filter, to control brightness in a special way
- simple set of controls and interface
- Stereo, Dual and Mid/Side modes for full control on the stereo image
- "Hottitude" control (internal levels) to get independent control on dynamics, saturation and Warmth

Here is a basic video, several settings on some stereo acoustic drums

Disto is being released in July, with a MSRP 39.99$ and a launch price of 29.99$

*** Edit
Finally released!

A very nice video from our friends @ mixbus TV

Note: All textual, visual and aural references to the Distressor and the FATSO Jr (Empirical Labs’ products) and use of certain Empirical Labs’ trademarks are being made with written permission from Empirical Labs.