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SSL releases Native V6 plug-ins Signature SSL processing for your DAW in an enhanced environment Solid State Logic is...

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augustusarnone 10 minutes ago
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The next generation of sound on Apple Music is coming to subscribers June 2021 at no additional cost CUPERTINO,...

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louderjamz 1 hour ago
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New UF8 expandable DAW controller stimulates accelerated creativity with intelligent production ergonomics and 360° control...

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JGM 3 hours ago
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OUT NOW: Save 40% on our brand new VERONA VINTAGE TUBE CONSOLE. A plugin with very unique and strong vintage character...

London Acoustics
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London Acoustics 3 hours ago
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Empirical Labs announces availability of its BIG FrEQTM plug-in, partially extrapolated from its Lil FrEQ...

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Yagya 4 hours ago
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We're excited to announce that the VSX 2.0 software update is now available! This FREE update gives you over $30,000 of new...

Steven Slate
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Gordon 5 hours ago
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The brand new & better sounding advanced DSP makes this already popular plugin even better. Additionally, get the option...

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thermos 6 hours ago
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After the success of the original Nano Pack, we have just released Nano Pack 2! The updated pack includes over 150 brand new...

[email protected]
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[email protected] 7 hours ago
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I'd like to introduce my new software "Studio Connect". Studio Connect is a peer to peer end to end encrypted hi...

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skeptics 8 hours ago
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Didn't see a thread for this yet. Curious to compare it with IK's version. https://neuraldsp.com/plugins/soldano-slo-100

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elambo 9 hours ago
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We wanted to combine classic drum machines ( 15, to be exact ) with the the organic ambience and warmth of studio recorded...

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dll 9 hours ago
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shelterr 9 hours ago
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We are excited to announce that our new Composer workstation series is now available for pre-order at an introductory price...

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gsilbers 9 hours ago
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Today, iZotope is unveiling upgrades to the AI-powered audio assistants within Nectar Pro and Ozone Pro, two of the...

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Jallen0 10 hours ago
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Hi guys, Cranborne Audio is our new brand that I started some of the other great guys I worked with at Soundcraft. We believe...

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gollumsluvslave 10 hours ago
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IK Multimedia unveils iLoud MTM reference monitor Compact monitor with high-end design re-invents nearfield monitoring...

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MarkSinister 11 hours ago
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PreSonus announces Studio One 5 PreSonus Studio One 5 Delivers Extensive Live Performance and Scoring Features and Much...

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tommijk 12 hours ago
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Solid State Logic releases Native v6.3 with X-EQ 2 and machine-based iLok licensing New software adds powerful new X-EQ 2,...

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kuulart 12 hours ago
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UAD and LUNA software updates bring end-to-end analog console emulation to LUNA plus new plug-ins from API and C-Suite...

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Eigenwert 13 hours ago
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Sonnox announces Oxford Drum Gate Tomorrow (9th October 2019) we’ll be unleashing a brand new Oxford Plug-In into the...

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CowboyX 14 hours ago
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AMS Neve announces 1073 OPX Octal Microphone/Line/Instrument Preamplifier AMS Neve Gives Its Classic 1073® A Thoroughly...

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MGA 15 hours ago
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The Ultimate Real-time Compositional Assistant Audiomodern and Distribution partner Plugivery proudly announce Chordjam;...

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Kozmos88 15 hours ago
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Singular Audio launches the f-48 microphone. Vintage sound in a modern package, hand built by an audio engineer. The f-48 is...

Singular Audio
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Willoh 15 hours ago
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Hi There is a new update to BFD3.4 and a free expansion if you migrate your FXpansion account. BUT.... Anyone from...

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woodnut 16 hours ago
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Greetings & Salutations to all,:cowbell: We listened to what people were requesting and as a few people might of seen from...

Vertigo Sound
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unr 17 hours ago
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Just saw this, will give it a try! https://www.audiothing.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Blindfold-EQ.png AudioThing...

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BurtHanson 19 hours ago
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£23 Features • Fast or same-sample attack times that never sound "clicky", even in zero latency...

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JonVAudio 19 hours ago
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T-RackS 5 - the most powerful mixing and mastering modular system for Mac/PC is now available Revolutionary mix and master...

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pquinn 21 hours ago
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IK Multimedia introduces MixBox virtual channel strip plug-in with 70 award-winning effects built in "500...

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Wilmore 22 hours ago
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Warm Audio announces WA-67 condenser microphone The original ’67 became one of the most sought-after and widely-used...

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chessparov2.0 1 day ago
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PreSonus have released the Quantum 4848 Thunderbolt interface. 32 analogue IO over line level Dsubs. 16 channels of ADAT...

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damien 1 day ago
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New UC1 controller combines classic console ergonomics with the power of SSL Native Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2...

The Press Desk
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dirtboy 1 day ago
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If you don't know Toned-MAX, it is plugin that combines a graphical EQ with analog modeling. If you do know Toned-MAX,...

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Akashic Bird 1 day ago
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Saw this and didn't see a thread here for discussion. it's 24.99 per month for those that don't want to click through the link...

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GBP 1 day ago
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IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube® 5 - the acclaimed guitar and bass tone studio is now available for download And a...

The Press Desk
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Agny Music 1 day ago
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Hi all! Here is CHANNEV! Ultimate channel-strip with Mic Preamp, De-Esser, Line-Amp, 4 band equalizer, Compressor,...

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doughnuts 1 day ago
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After some time, we are back to emulation. While designing new concepts is amazing, there is something magic in emulation. That...

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quintosardo 1 day ago
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United Plugins presents: Front DAW by Soundevice Digital Saturation plugin free for time-limited period United Plugins,...

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Bouroki 1 day ago
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Hi everyone, I’m really happy to be back here to share with you what’s next from Tone...

Rune L-H
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plx 1 day ago
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Discrete 4 is a new interface from Antelope Audio. It features 4 fully discrete microphone preamps and exceptional converters,...

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beatpro 1 day ago
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Louder Than Liftoff is proud to announce the MISTER FOCUS...

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echoesoflife 1 day ago
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DownSideUp 1 day ago
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To get you into the holiday spirit, Arturia are offering a free gift for musicians, producers, and sound designers...

The Press Desk
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JDN 1 day ago
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana—June 2021… PreSonus® has released Studio One® 5.3, the latest version of its award-winning...

The Press Desk
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kasami08 2 days ago
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“The new HEDD product line demonstrates what can be achieved today both in audio quality and control versatility. We...

The Press Desk
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JblKid95 2 days ago
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I did a search on the forums but found nothing... Behringer: U-PHORIA UMC1820 Seems pretty awesome for the options and at a...

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Red Mastering 2 days ago
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Imagine visiting a luxury studio full of vintage gear including classic Marshall amps, legendary cabinets, pedals, and mics...

The Press Desk
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4fmb 2 days ago
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Audient Introduces Nero Desktop Monitor Controller British audio company Audient is proud to present Nero, the desktop...

The Press Desk
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Melvin III 2 days ago
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They are asking to pre-order this thing now, yet if you go to the product page, all you find is some BS marketing...

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adogg4629 2 days ago
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Product: Snow Developer: Acustica Audio Price (MSRP): Introductory pricing - 107.00€ - Save 40% OFF - For the first four...

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Avatar for Geronimos Guitar
Geronimos Guitar 2 days ago