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_Mark 28th May 2012 12:06 PM


What DAW do you prefer, and why?

Thanks in advance for the answer, and thanks for the hard work put forth towards Diana's music.

All the best,

Steve G 8th June 2012 07:09 PM

I'll field this one for Al.

We use Pro Tools HD for all our sessions. We usually record at 96Khz, unless otherwise requested by a client. We use the Digi 192's as converters, and have recently upgraded to an Antalope clock at Capitol.

Al mixes through the analog console to a Tascam 2 channel recorder through a JCF Audio converter at 192KHz. I usually then drop those files into a Pro Tools session to deliver to mastering. We don't deliver any kind of stems, unless specifically requested by the client, and then we deliver as few as possible.

Hope this helps

Steve Genewick