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Matthew Murray 29th May 2006 12:02 AM

Laptop on a Music Stand?
Hey all..

Since I'm half engineer, half member of the band that is primarily using my project studio, I'm planning to use my Apple powerbook to remotely control my G5 in the control room. I was thinking of somehow rigging it up to a music stand of some kind. Does anyone know if there's a mount like this? Or a laptop stand that's sturdy enough to just lift and place wherever?

pounce 29th May 2006 01:16 AM

i've repurposed some xbrace keyboard stands for things like this. i think i'd be more comfortable with an xbrace stand as a music stand can tip too easily for my tastes. in cases like this, i've used some case lids on top of the xbrace keyboard stands to make little tables wherever needed, but it's because i had extra xbrace stands and appropriate case lids to make the kind of stands/tables i needed for temporary situations.

PlugHead 29th May 2006 02:05 AM


I've seen folks do their laptops with velcro on both laptop and stand - I personally wouldn't do it unless the laptop was dedicated to that spot/function.

If it were my choice, I'd consider putting some telescopic, moveable arms mounted to one or both sides of a music stand - they could swing over the sides onto the palmrest to help secure it tightly.

Not foolproof, but helpful to keep it from being bumped off either side, and still keeps it functional...

Other thoughts?


GP_Hawk 29th May 2006 02:21 AM

How about one of those cheaper open rack stands with a rack tray added(the trays they use for servers/switches). I have one and its very light weight yet stable as hell. Wish I owned a digital camera, I would take a pic.

ttauri 29th May 2006 02:39 AM

There was a thread a lil while back with some options:

T. Tauri

Deleted c40a31f 29th May 2006 04:54 AM

How about a percussion trap table?

Those are about $89 but maybe too bulky for what you want.

OK, here it is, only $30 and attaches to most drum/cymbal stands so I assume it might attach to a music stand too (assuming you mean the 'good' heavy duty concert stands, not the wimpy wire ones)

Best of luck!

woofhead 29th May 2006 07:53 PM


I found a chair at I kea for $10 that was perfect for this-about barstool height with a square wooden seat and a back that angles back about 45 degrees.Super solid and looks good.