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cdog 30th March 2012 12:14 AM

Universal Power Supply - Simple Question

I just picked up a tabletop synth, it didnt come with a AC/DC power supply, but I have a "universal power supply."

Now, the synth says 7-12V 300ma

The power supply says "Output 3-12v DC max 1.5A (9VA)"

Can I use this power supply to power my synth? I have the right size plug adapter, and Im assuming yes but I just picked this up and dont want to blow it out.


LeeYoo 30th March 2012 12:42 AM

I assume the supply is able to be set to a certain fixed voltage.
That has to be within the range of the synth, say 9volt.
Make sure, the polarity matches the synth.
This is more important than voltage.
There usually is a diagram in the plastic next to the power socket.
If unsure, measure with a DMM.