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seanmw 19th May 2006 01:16 AM

So many D19 models...which is the best, same???
Hello all...

Recently, I picked up an AKG-D19. THIS AKG in particuallar is labeled a "D19 BKhi
"... it has the wide metal grill on the top, a music/speech switch and is a bit different looking that the mesh top "pro" one seen in many a beatles photos.

Any idea what is different from this internally, soundwise than the later???

So many models existed for the D-19 (D19 B200, D19 C, D19 E) etc.... I have been pretty unsucsessfull trying to figure it out on Google. Any ideas???

THANKS MUCH!thumbsup

rodabod 22nd May 2006 08:12 PM

The BK Hi is the high impedance version - you will want to load this with a preamp which has the highest input impedance possible so as not lose bass.

The BK Hi is probably around 1K Ohms.

Otherwise, they are all fairly similar.