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motupost 12th March 2012 01:17 PM

pro tools problem

Ive been a cubase user for around 10 years, at work and at home i have cubase 6. I recently sold my motu 828 that ive been using at home for 4 years to a drumming student of mine as i have no need to record at home anymore.

I replaced with an mbox2 mini. Something simple that allows me to mix at home and to give pro tools a go. It came bundled with PT 8.

I installed, started a session and all was going well (apart from getting used to the stupid keyboard commards). Anyway when i exited pt i found that the mbox wouldnt work just listening to music on my win 7 pc, but did work for cubase.

I went to digidesign website and downloaded a driver called

After installing everything worked just fine, i could hear all of windows little noises, listen to music and still worked in cubase.

On my return to the pt session i started nothing would open. I get a pop up saying

"this session is saved on a volume set to "transfer" only. If permitted, set the volume(s) in question to "P" (playback) or "R" (record) in the workspace.

Otherwise, chose OK to save a copy of this session and its media to a valid playback volume. The session copy will automatically open from the chosen location"

There are two option "cancel" and "ok"

When i click cancel obiviously it cancels opening. When i click ok it asks me to save but when i press save i get another window saying

" "windows" is not an audio playback volume "

I then thought screw that project i only mixed a vocal anyway.

When i started a new session i got this pop up.

"session must be on an audio record volume. If permitted, set the volume(s) in question to "R" (record) in the workspace."

There is only one option which is to click ok. Nothing happens.

Im guessing its got something to do with the driver i installed, but im lost.

Can anyone help

Many thanx.


amorris 12th March 2012 02:10 PM

open protools and new session. then go to dropdown menu workspaces. it will show all of your volumes. then you can change their status to playback or record.

motupost 12th March 2012 04:50 PM

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Thanx for the reply

I did this but it wont let me change from transfer to playback or record. TheAttachment 281482

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