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RedWallStudio 15th May 2006 08:41 PM

Comps On A Budget?
I'm looking to add a some decent comps to my line up. I'd ideally like to get 4 more channels of compression. I've got about 1500.00 to spend, and have 4u of space available. Here is what I have now and a bit more of what I am looking for.

DBX 165s - I have two of them. I like them on certain things, but they seem to add more color than I would like. Been using them on certain vocals, but mostly on guitars and bass.
LA-4s - These sound more transparent than the 165s and I use these on a little bit of everything. I would probably get two more, but the price on these have jumped up a bit much lately, and I am looking for something different.
Drawmer 241 - Been using this alot because it is very transparent and smooth. But this has been my stereo buss compressor, so once that is gone... Im not left with much.
FEDERAL - Not sure of the model number, its one of the old army comps. Basically a one trick pony that I have only been using on bass... but it sounds great on bass, so Im going to keep it.

I was considering getting another 241 (or two), but I am looking for other suggestions. Basically would like something fairly transparent that can be gotten for about 300 to 400 per channel. I've heard some talk about Presonus and Focusrite.. but don't know too much about them. I'm also a fan of comps that are easy to dial in. Thats it.. thanks in advance for any suggestions.