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mahasandi 27th February 2012 05:06 AM

korg monotron
This is the coolest and smallest most affordable analog synth around.

Now you can mod this thing like crazy and I did mod mine to have a 1/4" output that comes from the pcb board and is about -10db quieter the the headphone out, and so this is obviously not that hard to do searching online and also improves its sound quality for recording.

The little thing has Bass!!!! it is a nice rich sound and the ribbon controller is fun to use and gives you that unique sound and note transition

monotron key features:

VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator

VCF with Cutoff and Peak Control

LFO can be applied to the Pitch (VCO) or Filter(VCF)

Ribbon controller keyboard

Original Analog (VCF) Filter taken from the classic MS-10 & MS-20

Aux input jack lets you apply filter to any audio source

Built-in speaker and battery power for Go Anywhere Analog sound

Headphone jack for private use

I have not brought in external sources i need to make a cable from my interface to 3.5mm male but I think this will be very cool.
The range of sounds is pretty good considering how simple it is.
But really the sounds it has are very fun and usable

When you tweak the controls it is a little tricky to maintain the ribbon controller accuracy tales some practice.
using a stylus can be a good trick although I find that on off triggering can be harder with a stylus.

I know they released the monotribe which is a little more featured but honestly for the price I think this is the one to get.
It has the ms20 osc, that is crazy

If you do not mod the output to be from the pcb and use the headphone out keep in mind it may sound too noisy for recording and if you feel you cant do this mod then I might not get this little guy.It is cool but the extra noise would have been very limiting if there was no way around it.

Deleted 93bb4d4 4th March 2012 06:21 AM

Modder's Delight
Firstly- even through this little synth runs off of 2 AA batteries and is about the size of an old audio cassette- it's a fully analog synth. I think the filter is actually suppose to be closer to the MS10 than the MS20 (don't have either so can't say for sure). I modded mine to have CV and GATE ins plus added a regulated 3VDC power supply. This thing is really flaky for staying in tune (I realized I needed to add a pot and DC power to compensate for the drift in tuning after I added the CV/GATE).

This thing responds to around 2 octaves from my MIDI keyboards but where it really shines is when I connect it to my x0xb0x. The x0x has CV GATE outs- so the Monotron is a wonderful way to add another synth voice for next to nothing (plus the x0x converts MIDI to CV).

Although the Monotribe is MIDI moddable, the Monotron is definitely worth trying out for any of those who have a synth/VST that can output CV GATE. The sound of this synth is huge- for me, at times I think I should be tweaking a wood sided 50lb analog behemoth rather than a tiny little box that fits in my hand.

If you use CV- this synth is definitely worth the time and money (I think I spent around $100 combined for the synth plus parts for the mods). If you need MIDI capability, you'll be better off with the Monotribe (which is moddable to MIDI).