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Prickstein 12th May 2006 02:12 AM

Thanks Jules!
Hey Jules,
just wanted to say thanks for giving a piece of your turf for the week.
I didn't think that when I started the "Aussie slut network" thread that it would stick around for as long as it did. Most my threads dissappear into the abyss in a day or two. Geez, you've even manged to dig up some long lost threads from the past on this one.
Thanks matekfhkh


Led 12th May 2006 03:06 AM

Oi, I second that. Jules, you're a fully sick top bloke an that.
No worries, sweet mate.
Anyone who hasn't yet go buy a gearslutz tshirt to say beauty bonza cobber. They are full on grouse.
See yaz later,

entropy 14th May 2006 10:27 PM