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Geert van den Berg 1st June 2009 07:39 PM

the high price of some software packages...
What does it cost to develop a piece of software, can there be given any estimates?

The problem is obviously that the end users have no idea about the real value of the code.

Offcourse this largely depends on what the software developers decide what it should cost. Could it be that a lot of software is overpriced? Offcourse profit has to be made to be able to grow and to continue development, but once you reach a certain level, how much larger can you get?

The only way to defeat that problem is to refrain buying such expensive packages and to look for cheaper alternatives, so that the prices have to be lowered to stay competitive, but instead cracks are being made.

Something that does bother me a bit is the limited amount of installs you get when you buy software. There should be a limit, but it would be better if the limit is for example 5 installs per license. So that small businesses are done when buying 1 or 2 licenses.

I do love the ilok though, it really is great to not have to authorize all the software again after a re-install.

Geert van den Berg 1st June 2009 07:46 PM

I'd like to point out that the main topic of this thread is, that the end users have no idea about the value of the software and even if they did, is the asking price for the software, a fair price?

dominic hoenig 1st June 2009 08:58 PM

i personally feel software asking prices are a bit high, i understand the whole needing to make a sustainable profit amongst industry competitors.

but as stated by above poster, the only away around it is to find similar cheaper alternative products that really are brilliant, *massey* etc.

especially considering how rapid upgrades come along within this industry plug in wise as well.

in some cases you'd be close to buying a peice of hardware that can do a better job in most cases.

there must be some way around the high prices, i feel a drop in price would incline more people to buy the product, i have always felt buying the product is much more beneficial (tech support etc) so always have, but we're living in a world where quantity over quality is becoming an issue. and of course the ignorance of people is to blame but also i feel the companies for the high prices could be at slight fault as well.

mcballs 1st June 2009 09:16 PM

Quality software is extremely expensive to develop and, like anything else, its price is set by the market forces of supply and demand (not withstanding inefficiencies such as market manipulation, subsidies, piracy/theft, etc).

If someone doesn't like the price of a given piece of software they can always try to write something comparable on their own and see how that goes.

Do you think that a nice high end stereo preamp has $2,000 worth of parts in it? Of course not - you're also paying for the development cost. The difference is with software there's very little material cost, it is cost of developing the intellectual property what you're paying for.

Geert van den Berg 2nd June 2009 06:47 PM

I was a bit thinking out loud when I started this thread. I understand completely what you're saying, but high quality hardware is also expensive to develop and has higher manufacturing costs, even if the final product is actually cheaper in parts than the asking price.

You might say, but there's more support required with software, but isn't that a poor excuse for software that actually still is in Beta stage.