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the-oger 27th July 2005 04:15 PM

Attention Toronto based Mac/Logic experts…
I'm in northern Ontario and I'm ready to buy a G5 (+ RME Fireface + newest Logic +few other goodies) to replace my G4 rig. I buy my studio gear in Toronto - for computer stuff so far I've been dealing with Saved By Technology, but I'd also like to be able to check out alternatives… but don't know where else to look.

Would anyone who knows the T.O. scene be so kind as to advise on other G5 sellers that are also high-end pro audio pimps? I definitely want to purchase the G5 from someone who understands the pro-audio gear it will interface with and the recording process in general. I will also be looking to hire an experienced Mac/Logic guru (whether via the store or privately) to set up the system and get everything working for my specific setup. I’m quite comfortable using Logic but I'm by no means a knowledgeable Mac-tweaker (in fact I have a general disdain for computers!) and don’t want to choke productivity/creativity trying to figure out this stuff on my own. I’d rather pay someone who knows what they’re doing and learn the necessities that way instead… and be up & running WAY faster.

I’ll be bringing my “digital rack” to T.O. so this can all take place down there (unless some Mac/Logic guru needs a nice northern Ontario fishing/camping break and would come up to do it all in my studio… I can certainly arrange a paid vacation!

Here’s a link to the studio in case someone is interested and wants more info…Ogeriff Studio