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passionmax 22nd June 2005 08:34 PM

backtreet, Ryan Cabrera guitar sound
I am looking to get a Acoustic guitar around $700. What acoustic guitar should I buy if I want to record sounds like the guitars on backstreet boys, BB Mac, Kelly Klarkson etc. I have plenty of good mics. some one recomened these two. one has apre-amp and the other does not.

Takamine EG540SC (with pre-amp and EQ)
Taylor 210 (No pre-amp)

Is it better to just play in front of a mic or shouold I use the onboard pre-amp or both.

What other Guitars do you guys recommend that is in that price range

gsharp 22nd June 2005 08:48 PM

I don't know the Takamine line very well, but I've got a few Taylors. I'd go x14 over x10 for recording. The concert style bodies sound tighter than the dreadnought. Check out a 214. 214e if you want a pre-amp. If you can swing the step up to the 300's you can get a 312 (grand concert) which is a great recording guitar IMHO. Something about that tighter waist on the body. A girl I use for sessions has a Leo Kottke Signature Model which kills my 710 when you stick a mic in front of it, even though the LKSM is a larger body, it's in that concert style with a much tighter waist than my dreadnought.

Your call re: the pre-amp. I've never used one as the main sound, but they do give you another flavor for doubles.


jordan19 22nd June 2005 11:14 PM

Well if you've got $700 to spend, you might as well just save a bit more and get a Martin D-16GT (Gloss Top) - $950

It's Martin's best SOUNDING (not looking) guitar under $2500- better than the new D-18s, but not quite as good as the HD-28.

I don't know anything about the backstreet/ryan cabrera sound, but I've had this guitar for years as my backup and it still sounds wonderful- the typical wide open Martin sound that isn't muffled in the mids like a lot of other guitars in that price range.

Dragonfly 23rd June 2005 12:03 AM

I've seen Jesse McCartney do a live performane with an acoustic accompanist and he was using a Taylor 714ce, same as mine. Not in your specified price range however. I'm not partial to dreadnoughts, more of the auditorium or OM shaped bodies. Consider playability as well when you go looking for something. I know I prefer a venetian style cutout.

As far as tracking goes, direct or miced, just do both. Can't hurt.


audioez 23rd June 2005 05:21 AM

I saw a K2000 at guitar center for $500 bucks, sounds like backstreets back!!!

chrisgraff 23rd June 2005 05:32 AM

Here's an obviously well crafted guitar, albeit unknown. This (no reserve) ebay auction begs to be lowballed at the last minute:

If you don't feel comfortable with buying a used guitar, you might look into one of the new Epiphone masterbuilt series. I hear that they are surprisingly good.

ziegenh5 23rd June 2005 06:25 AM

For a great sounding acoustic guitar on the cheap, check out the Seagull S6.