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danickstr 15th June 2005 02:38 PM

Optical Converter
Listening to the 192 debate, I kept thinking why do we have to use filters to sample? and capacitors? They are so archaic. This seems like it complicates the problem, and I remembered the first time I heard of the LA-2A using a light bulb and a photo sensitive chip to do the work, and I am wondering if this could work for sampling. Not this old light bulb technology of course, but what about a conversion process tha emilinates the cutoff filters and the supersonic filter noise and all that garbage? the majority of the problems come from the technologies inability to do the job cleanly. so lets use a different technology. so my idea was to use a type of diode light source that is ultra sensitive and send the analog wave throught it, then have that recorded by another sensitive "24 bit" photo-receiver. this way there would be no artifacts, just data. i know it would be tricky to get a light source with a million accurate levels of brightness, but stranger things have happened. oh well, just trying to find a more technically clean method. howdy

danickstr 15th June 2005 09:14 PM

Another idea: use a very small reflective speaker and measure the distance it travels with a bank of lasers that use the distance as the sampling means. it could be full frequency since it doesnt have to make sound...just move accurately. c'mon science! heh