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Pohaku 29th December 2004 06:40 AM

Digitech VCS-1 VTP-1
I stumbled across these now discontinued units and wondered whether anyone had any experience with them. The VTP-1 is a two channel mic preamp with a 12ax7 tube stage. It apparently has a s/s hybrid vacuum tube mic preamp, tube line amp/DI, an EQ section and an 18-bit A/D converter.

The VCS-1 (which is the more intriguing of the two) is a 2 channel tube dynamics processor with compression, de-essing, noise gating and peak limiting and allegedly operating a high-voltage "Class A" tube circuit.

I believe these were introduced in 1996 or so. I'm curious whether they are worth acquiring if the price is right or whether they ought to be avoided regardless of price.